We have a fire in our fireplace almost every evening during chilly-to-cold weather and this year we had to find a new source of wood. Richard and Sherman Outdoor Services have filled the bill completely. in fact exceeding expectations on all counts.. Richard and his crew respond quickly, deliver dependably when they say they will, and respond carefully to any special requests or circumstances such as where and how to stack. Yesterday, in pouring rain, he delivered and stacked half a cord (if you’ve been buying by truck width, as I was, that’s a lot of woord) had good suggestions on how to stack and cover, and was careful about “social distancing.” For me, they offer an amazing selection of firewood types, from seasoned to kiln-dried to cherry and other specialty woods. If you want wood to use immediately, that ignites quickly, and burns completely, I found kiln-dried to be worth the somewhat higher price. If you’re laying in a supply that will be well covered and bake over the summer, seasoned wood should probably work. Cherry and the other exotics are there if you need them. All in all, Sherman Outdoor Services is a first-class source of excellent firewood. Very glad I found them.