Kiln Dried Hardwood Blend

Try out our new product! Kiln Dried firewood burns great and is one of our most exclusive products! It produces a hot fire and an easy light. Sherman Outdoor Services’ Kiln dried hardwood blend is the best all around firewood for any of kind of use. Burning in a pit? Check. Looking for an easy relaxation on a cold winter night? Check.

If you would like your wood stacked please pick the option from the dropdown menu. Sherman Outdoor Services reserves the right to charge additional fees for difficult or unusual delivery or stacking locations. If you are looking for delivery in Washington, DC, please call us at (703) 559-0344.

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This wood is perfect for:

  • Those who want a super easy fire to light
  • Those looking for a super hot flame (high btu’s)
  • Those looking for consistent and clean logs
  • tired of dealing with bugs in your wood…look no further
  • uniform, consistent pieces (stacks well because of it)
  • so dry sometimes it doesn’t even get a reading on the moisture meter !
  • consider this the best “experience” you will receive
  • hassle free, lights up almost immediately with little to sometime no kindling
  • roaring hot fire that holds a blue hot flame
  • Great for outdoor pits for getting you that ambiance you have been waiting for!

“The Kiln Dried Wood is great — easy to burn, very clean. Best I have ever used!” – Dan Chaudoin

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1/4 Cord, 1/2 Cord, Cord



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Afternoon, Morning


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