Bark Mulch

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Bark mulch is the most premium type of mulch available and will be the closest to replicating what happens in nature. So, if you’re using wood mulch and think it’s the same thing as bark mulch, you’re not only wasting your money but you’re not helping your plants. Our premium, in house made bark mulch has rich color that lasts all season, locks in moisture from Spring to Fall and will stay beautiful all season long while nourishing your plants.

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Why Choose Bark Mulch?

  • Bark mulch has the most nutrients in it and most closely resembles the way nature supports plants and trees.
  • Continuously feeds your plants for months while others are purely decorative.
  • Beautiful, natural and complements any landscaping.
  • Free of dyes, colorizers or chemicals that can leach into the soil or impact your pets or wildlife.
  • Supports plant and tree health by helping keep weeds from growing – essentially it acts as a natural weed deterrent.
  • It is the most premium type of mulch available.

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