Top Quality Firewood

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality firewood on the market. Our logs are consistent and burn easy.

Top Tier Mulch

We offer a variety of quality topsoil, mulch, compost, and straw for commercial and residential landscaping and gardening.

Enjoy a Fire Pit at Home

We are official vendors of the Solo Stove fire pits. We carry the Yukon and the Bonfire and our bundles include everything you need.

Welcome to Sherman Outdoor Services


We get it. Firewood is firewood, right? Wrong.

Who you’re buying from is just as – if not more – important as what you’re buying. Here at Sherman Outdoor Services, we pride ourselves on service, understanding, and delivering on the promise we make to be your trusted firewood, mulch, and soil provider. Our knowledge of the product, dedication to giving you the service you deserve, and professionalism of our team has consistently caused our customers to return time and time again.

Don’t take our word from it, listen to what our customers say.

What They Say About Us

Sherman Outdoor Services has provided me with above and beyond assistance for multiple years and I cannot say enough good things about them. The owner is incredibly responsive, whenever I need anything, they respond back almost immediately. They have great prices, and high-quality products. Their oak kiln dried firewood is probably the best I've ever used. It burns easily and cleanly. It has made winter fires a pleasure. Unlike a lot of other companies, they'll happily stack your wood wherever you need them to and they couldn't be more friendly when you're interacting with them. To sum it up: Whether you're looking for firewood or need some trees trimmed, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Mark – a repeat customer in Virginia

"Kiln Dried Firewood! Who knew! It was the easiest and best fire ever. Richard and his team were on time and did a great job delivering and stacking the wood in my backyard. They were a pleasure to deal with."

Joe S – Sherman Outdoor Customer

"Two things to mention. First, the kiln-dried wood we got was great, as promised. It burned really well. There'd be no point in mentioning the second thing if the wood was no good, but because it was great, the second thing is that it was easy and pleasure to deal with Rich. "

Joel S. – Sherman Outdoor Customer

"Excellent job. Great service. Will use them again.

John Herriges –  Sherman Outdoor Customer

"The Kiln Dried Wood is great - easy to burn, very clean. Best I have ever used!"

Dan Chaudoin – Sherman Outdoor Customer

"Reliable, on time, professional. Sherman Outdoor Services is the helping hand we all need."

Betsy R. – Sherman Outdoor Customer (McLean)

"We have a fire in our fireplace almost every evening during chilly-to-cold weather and this year we had to find a new source of wood. Richard and Sherman Outdoor Services have filled the bill completely. In fact, exceeding expectations on all counts."

Dick Cooper – Sherman Outdoor Customer

"Ordered wood from them. Had tons of questions. Rich was thorough and honest with his recommendations. Got 1/2 cord of kiln dried wood. Extremely satisfied. We will order again without question."

Emmanuel Skordalakis – Sherman Outdoor Customer

"I have tried supermarket firewood, and I have tried firewood from vendors that drive through my neighborhood, and I am happy to say, I have finally found a source of quality firewood for my home. I highly recommend!"

Rich C – Sherman Outdoor Customer

"Richard Sherman provides great service and the best firewood I've ever bought. Highly recommended."

Thomas Cohen – Sherman Outdoor Customer

If you value service, speed, and the highest quality, Sherman Outdoor is the only destination to buy at in the DMV!

Sherman Outdoor Services delivers you not only an exceptional product but service to match. From your initial order to delivery, you will be amazed at the amount of care and support the Sherman team will show you. You deserve more, and Sherman Outdoor Services is here to provide it. From suggestions to stacking to everything in between, you’ll know you’re in good hands with Sherman Outdoor Services.

Fire-Pit Bundles

We offer the Yukon and Bonfire Solo Stove Fire Pits. Our bundles are different because they include a mix of stands, covers, shelters, and firewood! That’s right, no need to go find firewood after you order your fire-pit, it comes with it! Order one today!

Preferred Solo Stove Vendor

Why should you purchase your Solo Stove Fire-Pit from us? Simple! We bundle the fire pits with everything you need to start your fire right away, saving you money! We also have fire pits on hand so there is no long wait!

Summer Special!

Traditional Kiln Dried Firewood – Now available in 1/4 Cord

Kiln Dried Firewood burns great and is exclusively available through Sherman Outdoor Services! It produces a hot fire and an easy light. Perfectly treated for a super hot flame and provides an intense blue flame, Kiln Dried is the way to go. Great for outdoor pits for getting you that ambiance you have been waiting for!

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your Sherman Outdoor experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sherman Outdoor Advantage?

We are a home grown company and always put the customer first and our Customer Service is second to none. Need two or three services done at your home or business? We can create a special rate/package just for your needs! Whether commercial or residential we are a trusted source to get the job done! We provide quick and reliable delivery services and can almost always deliver by the next day.

What is the difference in good vs bad wood?

Bad wood is inconsistent and doesnt burn well. Ever had wood but couldn’t get it to light? Seasoned high quality wood doesn’t have this problem, espcially our Kiln dried blend. Good wood is easy to light, has consistent logs and burns smoothly. 

What is Kiln Dried Wood?

Kiln drying is the process of drying wood in a kiln. It is an artificial yet highly effective way of quickly drying out logs. Wood takes between 4 days and a week to be dried with this method. It’s benefits are super easy lighting and a great burn. Kiln drying also kills insects during the process ensuring you a clean and safe burn.

Can’t I just find some cheaper wood?

Our purpose is your service. You’re not just buying firewood, mulch, soil, and other outdoor needs, you’re buying a trusted professional and consultant and the knowledge that our 10+ years of experience will afford you peace of mind that you’re receiving the very best. Every order we accept is under the expectation that you will be so satisfied that you’ll be back time and time again.


Where do you deliver to?

We service the DMV area. DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia! No job is too big or too small whether for residential or commercial deliveries we are flexible, timely, and organized. If your delivery is out of our delivery zone we will let you know and you may be subject to extra fees.

Why should I order a Solo Stove from Sherman Outdoors?

The popular Solo Stove fire-pits are a hit with our customers. The advantage of our bundle is the fact that it includes everything you need. Most sites sell everything a la carte, we package up what you need to get you burning right away. We also have them on stock = no wait time compared to competitors’ 3+ week wait time.

Customer Reviews

Eric K.

Richard from Sherman Outdoor Services was prompt to respond, honest, and helpful in offering information. He showed up for the delivery on time with quality, clean, well seasoned firewood that didn’t have rotten or bug infested pieces. I got a true 2 cords of wood and would buy from them again. You can tell he is a small business owner that cares about his customers and reputation as he followed up a week after delivery to make sure I was satisfied. Great experience overall.
Eric K.

Karl H.

I own and operate a barbecue catering service in the Washington DC area. I am very particular in the wood that I use for smoking. I needed a special order of custom cut green cherry split wood and Sherman Outdoor Services was able to fill this order. Not only am I highly satisfied with the product, but I was very impressed by Richard, the owner. He was very easy to work with and had professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend Sherman Outdoor Services to anyone looking for high-quality smoking wood at a very fair price.
Karl H.

Nick S

Richard is great to work with. He is reliable and knowledgeable. The Kiln Dried wood is absolutely worth it. It’s the best wood we have used. It lights easily, burns hot and clean. Sherman Outdoor Service has us enjoying our fireplace again.
Nick S

Jon Dean

If I could rate this business 6 star I would. I called two days before thanksgiving to try and get a cord of wood delivered and having tried to get a delivery to Bethesda before from other companies and waiting weeks for delivery with numerous failed promises I was sceptical when Rich told me he would try to deliver before the holidays. Rich arrived on Thanksgiving morning, he stacked the wood for me and went out of his way to make sure we were happy he even carried some through my house into my porch. The wood was kiln dried, burns like a charm with no spitting and its puts out a lot of heat. I really think this business is great at customer service. If you need good firewood at a good price this company excels.
Jon Dean

Rich C.

I bought a 1/3 quarter of the cherrywood and I could not be happier with the product. The scheduled delivery was executed on time, the wood was neatly stacked and has been burning great on every use. I have tried supermarket firewood, and I have tried firewood from vendors that drive through my neighborhood, and I am happy to say, I have finally found a source of quality firewood for my home. I highly recommend Sherman Outdoor Services!
Rich C.

Steve Cameron

We have lived in the Alexandria area for over 15 years and by far, Sherman Outdoor Services has the best firewood delivery service we have seen yet.
Steve Cameron

M Thompson

Hard to believe I am this enthusiastic about firewood, but Richard has shown me the light. We had a 1/3 chord delivered about three weeks ago and have enjoyed our outdoor fire pit more than ever. They kiln dried wood burns cleaner, longer, and easier than anything else I have ever used. I couldn’t be more happy with Sherman Outdoor Services. Thank you, Richard!
M Thompson

Kelley Woods

Highly recommend this company. Professional, efficient and great product. He arrived earlier than expected (we expected a delay due to bad weather). He stacked all of the wood and made sure he cleaned up and stray clippings from carrying the wood from the driveway. Very pleased.
Kelley Woods

Joel S.

Two things to mention. First, the kiln-dried wood we got was great, as promised. It burned really well. There’d be no point in mentioning the second thing if the wood was no good, but because it was great, the second thing is that it was easy and a pleasure to deal with Rich. He made sure we got our wood when we needed it (right before a Thanksgiving), even though he was busy and we didn’t live close by. I definitely recommend these folks.
Joel S.

Robert B.

Another prompt, reliable and neat delivery of high quality firewood. We have been satisfied customers for several years.

Robert B.

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